Elements 001-xxx

The project ASLANT

This is a series of handcrafted reliefs and elements in gypsum, raw clay and pigment.

The deconstruction of the order behind the ornamental language brings new aspects to both the aesthetic and the matter in object design.

The materials natural properties are distorted by the angles and profile edging in the aslant curves.

ASLANT is a new order to define the profile in the relief. It strives to emphases the silhouette, outline and profile edge of the twisted perspective in the ornamental language. Built on thoughts of Deconstructivism and Suprematism

ASLANT breaks down the traditional formal order seeking clean lines and pure shapes. Between space and object in the shadow of the composed matter.




Gypsum and Raw clay-pigment - know more Matteo Brioni



Karakter Copenhagen / Sofie Brunner 

Studio X Viaduct

Photo: Katrine Rohrberg 

Art Direction: Sanne Frank 

Studio X Viaduct

RUM magazine 2019 :
Stine Langvad / Mille Collin Flaherty

                                                                                   STINE GOYA / Studio X Viaduct
RUM Magazine 2019 / Maja Regild

      Studio X Viaduct                                                                 MUUTO / Pernille Vest / 

Aiayu  / Studio X Viaduct 

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